Sep 22, 2015

By Andra

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My Favorite Superkid!

I have never met a little boy that loves superheroes more than my nephew, Maksis.

Spiderman. Superman. Batman. Ironman. Wolverine. You name it, he knows them all!

Maksis once spotted a Wolverine costume during a Costco shopping trip with his dad. He was absolutely not leaving the store without it! Great investment as he wore that costume everywhere, everyday and even slept in it.  He was Wolverine.

Most recently Maksis has become Spiderman. Here he is embodying his latest superhero fascination with Spidey.

I asked his mom, “When Maksis grows up does he want to be a superhero?” Her answer was that he already believes he is a superhero!  How true.  Such a fun, sweet, imaginative little boy who loves all things superhero.

Today as Maksis celebrates his 4th birthday he reminds us all to live in the moment and fully embrace what it is that you love.  In this case being a superhero!

Happy Birthday Superkid!

I love you!

Your godmother,




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