Jun 04, 2013

By Andra

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Happy 10th Birthday!


Today is my niece Larisa’s 10th birthday. Happy Birthday “Sa”!

It’s hard to believe that Larisa is already ten years old!  Today makes me reflect about just how quickly our little ones grow up and how important it is to soak up all the moments we have with them.  I still vividly remember Larisa’s 1st birthday party.  She wore a bright yellow dress with colorful flowers, as she enjoyed her first taste of cake covering herself with frosting.  I bought her a silver colored beetle children’s play car which at the time she was too young to even reach the pedals on, and now she has outgrown quite some time ago.

Larisa has grown into a very kind and thoughtful ten year old girl who is certainly one of the best people I know.  She has many talents but I am always impressed by her art creations.  She made me a beautiful painting for my birthday last year that I have hanging in my office.

Larisa was the inspiration for my “Art Girl” print with the quote, “Make each day your masterpiece.”  I am thankful to have such a wonderful, kind and talented niece!

Best wishes to you today Larisa!





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